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Rice scores two in Futurity’s Top 10 in 2010

Rice University scores two stories in Futurity’s Top 10 for 2010. Sixty of the top universities in the country are contributors to Futurity. Kudos go to my team who research and do a majority of the writing. I cherry pick and pitch the media with a blow horn.

Rice scores two in Futurity's Top 10 research for 2010

Rice scores two in Futurity's Top 10 research for 2010

No. 3
Is being American unhealthy for Mexicans?

RICE / DUKE (US) — Perhaps coming to America should come with a health warning. A study shows that Mexican-Americans who have assimilated into the U.S. culture are less healthy than those who have recently migrated from Mexico.

The effect is more pronounced for men, who tend to start out healthier than women when they first arrive, but whose health declines at a faster pace.

“The implications of our findings run counter to the popular belief that recent immigrant arrivals are taxing the U.S. health care system,” says study coauthor Jen’nan Read, a sociologist at Duke University.

No. 6
Reference letters cost women jobs?

RICE (US) — Those glowing letters of recommendation female job applicants provide to potential employers may actually be hurting their chances of getting hired.

When researchers reviewed more than 600 letters for almost 200 applicants who were applying for junior faculty positions at a U.S. university, they found that letters described candidates in terms of traditional gender schemas. Female candidates were described in more communal (social or emotive) terms and male candidates in more agentic (active or assertive) terms.

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