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Heart attack survivor needed for TV interview

Rice University recently issued a news release about a group of students who, for their senior design project, created a unique pad system for automated external defibrillators (AEDs), common devices that can shock a victim’s heart back into a proper rhythm in an emergency. This new device, which has not been used on humans to this point, has been recognized by several news organizations nationwide.

MedStar Television, a producer of medical/health segments for TV news affiliates nationwide, will be coming to Houston on Thursday, June 2, to tape interviews about the device. While this AED device has never been used, MedStar has asked me to help them identify a survivor of a heart attack who had a defibrillator used on them.

If you are interested in telling your personal story of surviving a heart attack and would be willing to conduct an interview on camera at 11 a.m. Thursday, June 2, please contact me at druth@rice.edu. Please provide your phone number so that I can give you a call to chat about the segment. This interview will either take place at the Texas Heart Institute in the Texas Medical Center or across the street on the campus of Rice University. This is a positive story talking about a technological breakthrough.

Thank you,

David Ruth




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